Engineering Careers


Solve Big Challenges. Daily.

High density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe may not seem sophisticated. But it is when you produce over 1 million linear feet a day to exacting dimensional and quality standards. That’s what makes Uponor’s Engineering Department the core of our business.

We leverage the expertise of engineers, chemists and scientists across multiple functions to meet global demand, effectively and efficiently. We need a diverse team of technically skilled people – like you –for these types of roles:

  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Process Design & Development Engineer
  • Electrical Controls Engineer
  • Product and System Development Engineer
  • Materials Development and Quality Expert
  • Failure Analysis Engineer
  • Research Engineer
  • Analytical Chemist

What to Expect

At Uponor, there’s a never-ending need for continuous improvement in product quality, production capacity and cost. For example, here’s what you might encounter within manufacturing processes technologies:

Extrusion: Improve product quality and process reliability by understanding the flow properties and phase transformation of various extruder technologies operating at thousands of PSI of pressure. Consistently produce exacting dimensions to strict quality requirements.

Recoiling: Convert high-volume HDPE pipe of various sizes into a variety of lengths and packaging types to meet customer needs. Improve operational efficiencies in highly automated, multi-axis coiling machines, without compromising precision.

Packaging: Move, sort, label and palletize 10,000+ coils of product per day. Leverage the right balance of people, robotics, sensors and control algorithms for high throughput and process reliability – in a multi-product line.

Why Work at Uponor?

Engineers are in demand. Uponor offers compelling reasons to put your education, experience and talent to work with us:

  • High-Growth Business. Demand for Uponor products is growing at double-digit levels. Have an idea? Our company has the resources to help you be a change agent.
  • Low Bureaucracy. We’re set up for innovation. We empower you to develop new equipment, trial new solutions, test components. And see results quickly.
  • Team Oriented. Develop world-class solutions by collaborating with engineering teammates and colleagues across departments – domestically and internationally.
  • Variety. Our diverse technologies and processes present a variety of tough challenges. Take your pick.
  • Tools. We give you the right tools – internally and via external labs and other partners – to get the job done. Count on it.

“We’re not shackled to a ‘this is the way we always did it’ mentality. Uponor supports trying new ideas.”

Brian, Electrical Controls Engineering Supervisor

Job – and “Good Fit” – Requirements

Being technically competent is certainly required. But we’re also looking for people who embody our values:

  • We are curious and always look for better ways to perform.
  • We are committed to and accountable for achieving results.
  • We trust and respect each other and have fun.
  • Everything we do, we do for the customer.
  • We collaborate, listen and learn.
  • We seek and provide constructive feedback.